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10 scholarships for students starting International Foundation courses in September 2019

Most international bachelor’s degree scholarships are scholarships for admission to International Foundation Diploma courses.

What is the International Foundation Diploma (IFD)?

​The International Foundation Diploma (IFD) is a 1 year programme for high school graduates, who have not obtained an A-Level Diploma or IB Diploma, but wish to study a Bachelor’s Degree in leading international universities in countries such as: UK, US, AUS, CAN, Switzerland, etc.
An admission examination is not a prerequisite to study at international universities, although students are required to possess, as a main criteria, the International Foundation Diploma (IFD) with a certain academic level.
Institutions that offer IFD courses are accredited institutions and collaborate with universities that will be able to guarantee the university seat for IFD graduates. Accredited Partner Centres (APC) have been accredited by Universities and function as the university’s campus. APC located in the students countries will help to secure world academic quality standard at lower costs. APCs provide the students with the university’s facilities, e.g. ID and passwords to access an online library, teaching and learning materials, assignments, and university standard examinations.
Until now, the International Foundation Diploma (IFD) has not been offered in Thailand. However, 2019 marked the first time that NCC Education, UK (set up by the British Government in 1966) approved an institution in Thailand to offer the IFD programme, namely QIC. To celebrate this important occasion, we are offering 10 special scholarships.

Scholarship Details:

  1.  Each scholarship has a value of £ 1,500, 10 scholarships (£ 15,000) are available in the academic year 2019 (commencing in September 2019)
  2.  Course Length: 1 Academic Year
  3.  The completion of the IFD at QIC Chiang Mai is a pathway to over 70 international universities with more than 150 programmes.
  4.  Tuition fee: £7,000 per year
  5.  Application Deadline: 10th August 2019 (commencing in September 2019)

This scholarship will be deducted from the International Foundation tuition fee. The scholars will pay only £5,500 for the entire year of study with NCC Education IFD at QIC Chiang Mai.